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Patentminder IP Associates is a premier Intellectual Property law firm that offers comprehensive legal services for all aspects of Intellectual Property and relevant areas having office locations in Lucknow, Indore, and Bhopal

About Us

Patentminder IP Associates is a premier Intellectual Property law firm that offers comprehensive legal services for all aspects of Intellectual Property and relevant areas having office locations in Lucknow, Indore, and Bhopal.
Our clients, industry bodies, and leading IP publications have universally recognized our legal, scientific, and technical expertise in addressing complex IP challenges of all types. We routinely handle IP protection and contentious issues before various forums, such as the Patent Offices, Trademark Offices, Copyright Office, Design Office, and WIPO.
We, at Patentminder, strike a balance between commercial realities and legal practicality and provide innovative remedies that address the root of a problem, not just its symptoms. We were instrumental in paving the way for a stronger IP regime and are committed to pushing the envelope when it comes to substantive and procedural law reform and assisting clients with the commercialization of their intellectual property.
Patentminder is a comprehensive Intellectual Property firm. Patentminder was founded with the intent of providing comprehensive IP Prosecution and Litigation services in a corporate-centric manner. Patentminder adheres to rigorous delivery procedures that are consistent with predetermined quality standards. Patentminder provides end-to-end IP Legal and Commercialization/Licensing services to over 300 corporates/startups/academic institutions of national importance.
Our team members are well experienced in IPR application drafting, Patent Drafting, Patent prosecutions, IP Cell Management, Academic IP Management and commercialization, Trademark, Design or copyright registration & management, current status of law and tried to takeout maximum output benefits from the IP of the client. Patent Minder has team of Patent agents, Patent attorneys, technical Consultants, Expert advisers from different engineering, law and research domain.

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Honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi on Patents & Innovation

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Grand Finale of the Smart India Hackathon via video conferencing. The Prime Minster laid emphasis on innovation and gave the mantra of IPPP i.e. Innovate, Patent, Produce and Prosper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a patent?

A patent is a grant of an exclusive right for an innovation. In other terms, a patent is an exclusive right to a product or technique that provides a new way of doing something or a novel technological solution to a problem. Technical details concerning the innovation must be given in a patent application in order to get a patent.
The patent owner may grant third parties permission or a license to utilize the innovation on mutually agreeable conditions. The owner may also sell the invention’s rights to a third party, who will then become the patent’s owner. Once a patent expires, protection ceases and an innovation enters the public domain, meaning that anybody may commercially utilize the idea without violating the patent.

What kind of innovations are eligible for protection?

Patents may be issued for innovations in every technological sector, from a common kitchen implement to a nanotechnology chip. An innovation may be a product – such as a chemical compound or a process – or a method for creating a particular chemical compound. Numerous goods include multiple innovations. A laptop computer, for instance, may require hundreds of innovations functioning together.

How long is the duration of patent protection?

Patent protection is awarded for a limited time, typically 20 years from the application filing date.

Is a patent valid throughout all nations?

Patents are territorially protected rights. In general, the exclusive rights are valid only in the nation or territory where the patent was filed and issued, in accordance with the legislation of that country or region.

How and why is a patent licensed?

When a patent is licensed, the patent owner allows another person or organization rights to manufacture, use, and sell the patented innovation. This occurs under agreed-upon terms and conditions (such as identifying the amount and kind of payment to be paid by the licensee to the licensor), for a specified purpose, in a defined region, and for an agreed-upon length of time.

Are utility models and trade secrets patent protection alternatives?

When a business has just enhanced an existing product and the change is not sufficiently original to be considered patentable, utility models may be a viable option, assuming they are accessible in the nation in issue. On occasion, it may be advantageous for your organization to maintain its ideas as trade secrets, which necessitates taking adequate precautions to protect the information’s confidentiality.

My employee has created a new product or method. Who will hold the patent rights?

In the majority of nations, if an employee develops an innovation in the course of his or her job, i.e., during his or her working hours, the invention (and accompanying patent rights) will belong to the employer. In order to minimize ambiguity and potential problems, employers often mention intellectual property ownership concerns in employment contracts. However, depending on the merits of the situation, the employee may be entitled to fair payment in line with statutory regulations or the employment contract. The employee always retains the right to be credited as the invention, unless he or she specifically waives this right.

What if I want to meet you in person to discuss my invention?

We have developed a system that minimizes the time it takes to file. We have all the options available for meetings, like offline, video conferencing, or an audio call.

How can I know whether my invention is novel or not?

At the most basic level, you can look for novelty by searching a free online patent database. Our expert will help you with the patentability assessment.

Do you provide patent searches?

Yes, we conduct a patentability search before filing the patent application.

How can I track my patent grant progress?

Our team continuously informs you about the progress of your patent application. Status can also be checked on the IP Office websites.

What are the payment options for the services?

Customization is possible for any payment method, including online, UPI, Internet Banking, and Cheque. The payment may be made after the final completion of the filing of the patent.

How long does it typically take to grant a patent, a design patent, or a copyright?

It depends on a case-by-case basis, a country-by-country basis, and the type of IP. For example, the India Patent Office now very quickly disposes of patent applications.

What is the cost of getting a grant of a patent, design, or copyright? The patent office fee for an IP (patent, design, or copyright) varies by patent office around the world. It can be found on the particular patent office website.

For Example: The link for Indian Patent Office and USPTO is given below

What if I want to protect my invention on a global or international level?

There is no concept of a “global” or “international” patent. However, inventors have the option of using routeCT. Rodescribe all member countries to obtain protection in other countries following the national phase. Once you have permission to file your patent application in another country, you can do so through the PCT, the Paris route, or directly in that country. Our expert will assist you in determining the best path for your invention.

Is the patent filing and drafting process complicated?

The inventor does not need to worry about the drafting and filing. Our expert will handle this procedure.