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Patent Protection & Prosecution

We are one of the premier Patent Prosecution organizations in India, and our team consists of top-tier Patent Prosecution Attorneys. Innovation in the modern day leads to industrial leadership and the better benefit of the country, and granting the inventor exclusive rights over the intellectual property asset encourages more innovation, ultimately boosting the national economy. A patent asset must be secured after its creation, or it will be used by a third party. Obtaining a patent or maneuvering it towards protection is time-consuming and sometimes challenging. Let’s navigate our way around the patent office to learn more about acquiring patent protection.
Patent prosecution is the contact between the client and/or the attorney and the patent office during the full process of obtaining a patent. In a broader sense, prosecution is the procedure that every patent application through prior to being granted or rejected.
We provide the customer service to our clients from Invention to granting Patent and further to protection of its value.
Life of a Patent: 20 years from the filing date of the application (The Patents Act, 1970)

Design Registration

Industrial design pertains to the “appearance of an object,” or how a thing appears? and its layout It does not safeguard its technical or functional characteristics, i.e., how a thing functions. Industrial designs are used to a range of industrial and handmade items. In addition to two-dimensional figures such as lines, colors, and patterns, an industrial design also includes three-dimensional figures such as the geometry of an object. Two-dimensional figures include textile patterns, whereas three-dimensional figures include the round tail of a bicycle. Examples of industrial designs include luxury products like jewelry, medical equipment like pulse oximeters, electrical appliances, furniture, housewares, architectural designs, textile designs, recreational things like toys, graphical user interfaces like navigation systems, etc.
The Design Act of 2000 safeguards industrial designs in India. Designs are often one of the marketing strategies employed by successful businesses to gain brand recognition and appeal. The design of the product has a significant influence on consumers, allowing them to recognize the brand name linked with it. Industrial design must primarily meet two requirements: authenticity and novelty. This permits the applicant to utilize the registered industrial design exclusively. By protecting his/her industrial design, the inventor is given an exclusive right against the unlawful duplication or replication of his/her designs by other parties for a limited time. Industrial designs provide safety for small and medium-sized organizations as a result of their many advantages. For the efficient execution and protection of the act’s purpose, it is crucial that all individuals be adequately informed of the need to register their designs in order to enhance their brand name and prevent infringement.
Life of a Design: 15 years from the filing date of the application.( The Designs Act, 2000)

Startup Support & Consultancy

Start-ups Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP) scheme launched by Government of India, facilitates the start-ups to file applications for patents, designs and trademarks through registered facilitators in appropriate IP offices by paying only the statutory fees.
We are registered PA with SIPP, Govt of India.
IP Management
Intellectual property (IP) management is a framework that facilitates the administration of intangible goods, such as intellectual inventions. Patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and geographical indications are the most prevalent forms of intellectual property.
Legal & Technical Advice
Expert’s Legal & Technical Advice for protecting any form of IP is very crucial. Therefore one should always choose a techno legal expert rather than an expert alone. PatentMinder provides an all-round techno legal service with the team of experts.


Trademark & Literary

Work Trademark Registration

A trademark is a visible sign that may be a word, name, device, label, or number used by a company to differentiate its goods or services from other comparable items or services held by other firms on the market. Under Indian law, a trademark is an asset that may be protected.

To prevent others from copying a trademark, the creator of the term or sign must register it as a trademark. There are several procedures involved in registering a trademark, and it is vital to contact a professional for trademark filing to guarantee a smooth procedure.

Any individual or legal organization may register a trademark application in Chennai. The mark is not required to be used prior to submitting an application for registration, although previous usage increases the likelihood of registration. Foreign people and foreign businesses may also submit trademark applications and get registration in India without extra criteria.

Copyright is a kind of intellectual property law that protects original literary, theatrical, musical, and creative works, including poetry, novels, films, songs, computer software, and architecture. Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or operating techniques, but it may protect the manner in which these things are conveyed.

Content Writing

We have the highest regard for intellectual property and take every precaution to guarantee that the work supplied is 100% original. As one of the leading content services and agencies, we promise your complete satisfaction. Although changes are infrequent, we give unlimited revisions to all of our customers.
We offer our services on a “work for hire” basis; consequently, all rights are transferred to you upon project completion. Your success is our milestone! When you outsource material to Content Development Pros, you are certain to get high-quality work that will assist you in reaching your content goals.

Technical Writing

We take the time to comprehend your precise requirements, so that when our technical writers begin producing your document, they can efficiently and effectively address your particular documentation difficulties. Our technical writers have prepared a variety of manuals and guides for the majority of sectors, ensuring that each document is written at the proper level for its intended readership.

Content Checking

Checking for quality is an integral part of creating information for Research and IP. Checking the quality of information for Research and IP entails finding grammatical and punctuation faults, spotting instances of plagiarism, and double-checking the facts.
PatentMinder, which delivers the best content quality checker service, has a staff of Content Quality Analysts with extensive subject-matter expertise. As content quality auditors, we use seasoned authors who have worked on several difficult assignments. Our quality control specialists accurately identify and resolve danger areas. We also concentrate on giving authors with helpful criticism. We also ensure the quality of the work provided to us, manage time, and offer answers to challenges in higher education. In addition to correcting grammatical and punctuation issues, finding plagiarism, and verifying facts, our quality analysts also examine the content’s presentation and ensure that it adheres to the client’s criteria for higher education courses. Our analysts evaluate the content quality and collaborate closely with assessors and content authors to deliver precise QC solutions and evaluate the text quality


Academic Services

University/Institute Level

  • Legal &Technical Protection of Academic Projects
  • Assist in the value addition to University/Institute Projects
  • IP Profile Building of Institute/Faculty


Student Level

  • Consultancy of Ph.D./Master’s Scholars for their Thesis
  • Patent, Copyright & Design Registration
  • Assist in the Conversion of Research/ Research Paper into Potential IP

The division totally involved in protecting academic research output of students/ professors. the division helps to academicians & students to protect their novel projects/ research/ thesis by patent, design or copyright to get maximum academic advantages & commercial benefits for their creation. The PatentMinder helps research students like Ph.D. research, M.Tech to protects their research by the different intellectual property laws.

    Patent First, Then Published  

The core areas of functioning of the division are:

  • Legal & technical Protection of Academic Projects.
  • Assist the B.Tech students to get patent on their invention.
  • Consultancy of PhD/ Master Scholars on their thesis& help to get patent on it.
  • Patent, Copyright & design Registration.
  • Assist in the value additions to university projects
  • Works collabrataly with the university & college to protect their research outputs of their inventions/creativities
  • University & College Research Management


HR Development Services

Organization Level

  • Providing IPR Training to Staff
  • Patent Filing
  • IPR Awareness Program
  • Advanced & Basic Training for Proper IP Management
  • IP Commercialization


As an Individual Capacity

  • Patent Agent Exam Preparation
  • Patent Drafting
  • Short Term IPR Awareness Program
  • Study Material for PAE Exam
  • Online Patent Agent Exam Crash Course

The unit involves in training of students, industries & academician about the Intellectual Property Rights by experts from all the fields of intellectual property like patent, design, copyright & trademark. The unit is actively working to spread awareness of IPR among the general people of the country. The unit has experts which provide lecture/training in different Intellectual property seminar/course & training. The unit also helps in preparation of training of Patent agent examination, trademark agent & different diploma in IPR.
The main area in which unit is working:

  • Provide Training on IPR
  • Patent Agent Exam Preparation Course
  • Conduct IPR awareness Program
  • Advance & Basic training of industry/academician on Proper IP Management